In the import business, you will find that there are different tax rates for imported goods from different countries, and the reason is mainly determined by the tariff policy of a country.

The current tariff is divided into two types: simple tariff and retest tariff. Most countries implement the retest tariff in order to meet the needs of trade competition, or to obtain the reciprocity of tariff, so as to ensure the market of commodity sales and the source of raw materials.

What are the tax rules for re examination?

Double taxation means that there are more than two tax rates for a tax item, and different tax rates are used for imported goods from different countries. There are two, three, four and five columns of tax rules for retest in different countries. There are general tax rate, most favored nation tax rate, negotiated tax rate and preferential tax rate. Generally, the general tax rate is the highest and the preferential tax rate is the lowest.

In order to facilitate customers' inquiry and provide service efficiency, the author specially arranges the tax rate of common product names for your reference.

Appendix: the latest customs code and tax rate table.pdf