Smart Industry

  • New smart city

    New concept, new technology, new service and new mode

  • The new smart city is a new form of urban development led by information technology by implementing the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, promoting the comprehensive and deep integration of new generation information and communication technology and urban strategy, planning, construction, operation and service. Based on the actual development of informatization and new urbanization in China, the new smart city makes important decisions, which is an important grasp to promote the development of smart society. The new smart city includes key elements such as ubiquitous service for the people, transparent and efficient online government, fine and accurate urban governance, digital economy integrated with innovation, intensive and coordinated infrastructure, safe and controllable operation system, etc.

    The Millennium construction takes "new concept", "new technology", "new service" and "new model" as the core, and takes "comprehensive, intelligent and innovative" as the service concept, and comprehensively constructs a new and innovative smart city, global intelligent supply chain, food safety, new retail and agricultural big data platform system, which provides more feasibility for customers More targeted and comprehensive comprehensive solutions and operational services.

New smart city

New Ideas

Focus on the people: let the achievements of new smart city construction benefit the whole people;"Five integration" has become a new type of urban integration: "intensive wisdom";Green and low carbon: the meaning of smart city construction;The interaction of virtual and real: the harmonious unity of urban physical world and cyberspace;Open and diverse: build a smart city with inclusive, intelligent and open ecology;

New Technique

Mobile Internet of things promotes ubiquitous upgrading of urban network facilities;Blockchain promotes efficient, transparent, safe and reliable operation of cities;Artificial intelligence has deeply penetrated into many industries of smart city;Big data promotes stronger decision-making ability, insight and optimal processing;

New Services

Government service has entered the whole online stage, leading the innovation stage;The supply of intelligent services presents an open and diversified development trend;The city service hotline was upgraded to a unified public service platform;New mode and new format call for fine and precise industry supervision;

New Pattern

Industrial cooperation has been significantly accelerated, and smart cities have promoted the development of new economy;Innovate the mode of government enterprise cooperation and explore a more advanced development mode of PPP;Gather the social public forces to innovate the crowdsourcing and innovation development mode;More innovative models to build a new smart city together;

  • Global smart supply chain

    From "end" to "end", from "chain" to "net"

  • Supply chain is undergoing a major change. The rapidly changing business and customer demand bring more heavy new pressure to enterprises, and emerging technologies provide an interesting tool for enterprises to overcome these pressures. In fact, compared with other functional areas, digital transformation will bring more profound and significant changes to the supply chain, beyond any stage in the history of supply chain development. In terms of the challenges faced by the supply chain, both now and in the future, the response methods always need to be updated, and even the best performing one today is unlikely to meet future demand.

    Millennium construction supply chain integrated service platform, from "end" to "end", from "chain" to "network", to create a "learning and thinking" supply chain. Through emerging digital technologies (Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence), Millennium construction provides soil and nutrients for the transformation of supply chain, and brings a new form of digital supply chain. Digital supply chain is a customer-centered platform model, which can obtain real-time data through multiple channels and maximize the use of data to achieve demand stimulation, matching, perception and management, so as to improve enterprise performance and minimize risk.

Global smart supply chain