OIG+X Introduction

OIG+X is a department of OIG, being dedicated to developing international PR and brands, reaching high-level cooperation & communication, and providing knowledge and services to our clients.

Based in China, we offer services and solutions to help our clients and partners to enjoy the business in China and with the Chinese. Furthermore, we also develop business abroad to better serve our foreign clients and partners.

From the perspective of Service, we offer informative industry reports and analysis, marketing plans and to provide solutions for global members and clients.

From the perspective of Knowledge, we provide the latest market news and hold online & offline events to assist you being well-informed and making decisions.

From the perspective of Business, we are dedicated to assisting overseas clients to expand business in China and find reliable Chinese business partners. Together we can find more market opportunities and business mode.



Reports include OIG+X Info-pack, which is an information & analysis package made by OIG+X team and its analysts, released weekly, monthly; except for this, we also cooperate with influential industry associations, institutes to collect informative and valuable reports to all of you.


OIG+X does market research, organizes business activities, deals with public relations and helps to find business opportunities in China.


OIG+X provides global customers, especially overseas manufacturers, with one-stop service in China, including understanding the Chinese market, entering the Chinese market, finding Chinese business partners, and emergency handling.



OIG+X team deliver the inspiring insights and popular trends in the form of snapshots of daily news, which might offer you a glimpse of recent events and keep up-to-date.


OMS is a global monthly activity where industry experts and representatives of manufacturers gather together to explore and discuss hot topics and major events in the industry, especially about import policy, data, and Chinese domestic meat consumption. It also sheds light on new trends in the industry.


OMC is a long-term plan to achieve win-win results between OIG+X and its global partners, promoting global business development and international decision-making. We gather talents worldwide together, who are well-educated with a good grasp of Chinese culture and abundant work experience globally.

OMC members have three types: business partners, management partners and strategic partners. Now there are two ways to join OMC: individual application and specialized invitation.


1OIG+X helps overseas clients to expand business in China

OIG+X helps clients to develop the Chinese market. From doing market research and analysis to capital investment and future market forecast. And, if the client wants to get fully access to the Chinese market, we can help clients to formulate a practical business plan for developing Chinese market. Also we can conduct promotion activities to instill brand awareness and boost sales.

Furthermore, we can serve as an agent to overseas meat plant to better fulfill their demands since we are professional, and we have the advantage of market research, quick access to Chinese officials and information collection, more importantly, it's cost save.


2Find reliable Chinese business partners

We help to introduce reliable Chinese downstream buyers with new market channels.


3Business expansion abroad

Due to business expansion, we also have personnel working overseas as our foreign branches. There we mainly do investment, acquisition and explore new business opportunities through stronger connection with overseas manufacturers and association.