International PR
Trade-related Services
Consultant Services
Business Abroad
I. International PR
Based in China, the largest meat import country in the world, OIG+X is trying to build a sustainable Sino-foreign networks in meat industry, from foreign official level to industry and public level.
Vice President Unit of China Meat Association
Vice President Unit of CIQA
(China Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Association)
Foreign Embassies
OIG+X has built networks with 50% of foreign embassies in China.
Industry Associations
In 2021, OIG+X will build network with 90% of foreign meat associations which has or will have meat business with China
OIG+X operates OIG’s LinkedIn to share Chinese domestic policy and market news
II. Trade-related Services
Customs Clearance Services
at Chinese Ports
Main Ports in China (2020)
Dalian: 49,169 MIT (3%)
Tianjin: 529,213 MIT (36%)
Qingdao: 84,345 MIT (6%)
Shanghai:427,536 MIT (29%)
Guangzhou:62,004 MIT (4%)
Shenzhen:309,342 MIT (21%)
Purchase and Sales Services
-To help Chinese clients find foreign exporters and facilitate two-side cooperation
-To help foreign exporters find reliable Chinese buyers and reach stable business relation.
III. Consultant Services
Chinese Policy Analysis
Foreign exporter oriented to analysis the key points which may affect export to China.
Market Access & Inspection
For foreigners, there are some difficulties to understand the requirements of market access, suspend & lift, video audit.
Ports Policies & Inspection
Inspection and quarantine rules at ports, new requirements. Technic support at certificates labeling.
Overall Risk Analysis & Alert
To avoid shipment rejection/plant suspension by Chinese market. Foreign exporter oriented.
Import and Export Data, Price Data
China as the import country
Provide emergency solutions to foreign exporters, including suspend…
Marketing Events in China
To plan a develop strategy for foreigners, and to make marketing and commercial events as your representative
Background Research
Foreign exporter oriented to research your Chinese partners, including public data, industry people’s comments, and unpublic datra.
Invest in China
Foreign exporter oriented.
Case Base
The Cases we have done:
1. Labeling issues:
A beef factory in Argentina was held up during the customs inspection, and bad records were uploaded. OIG assisted in label translation to avoid later problems.
A beef factory in Brazil was found to be inconsistent with the cargo certificate when the goods arrived at the port for customs inspection. OIG assisted the later product reporting.
2. Health Certificates:
A pork factory in the Netherlands was informed by the GACC because of the hygiene certificate, and the reason is unknown. OIG assisted to find out the reason: due to the connection between the health certificate systems of China and the Netherlands, the Netherlands will also synchronize the Chinese customs when reporting problems.
Due to the renewal of Spain's health certificate, some goods exported to China could not be cleared smoothly when during the new and old health certificates transition. OIG kept abreast of the latest developments and reflected the problems to the customs to help the factory understand the situation and promote the resolution of the incident.
3. “Trimmings(suirou, 碎肉)” incident:
In March and April, many manufacturers in Uruguay and other countries’ labeling were affected by the "trimmings" incident. OIG contacted the port in the early stage to obtain the latest customs requirements, sorted out the events, updated customs inspection standards to foreign partners, avoiding a series of problems.
4. A pig factory in France was found to be polluted and corrupt during port inspection. OIG cooperated as its customs clearance company, actively solved the incident to minimize the damage to the factory.
5. When GACC conducted the video audit on meat export enterprises, OIG provided technical guidance to a Spanish pork enterprise to make the enterprise passed the relevant inspection smoothly.
6. Recommend reliable and qualified Chinese buyers to Spain pork plant, to avoid the lost of canceling the order and find reliable partners in China.
IV. Business Abroad
OIG+X offices in abroad
Business development in abroad
New products for import