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The Report on China's Imported Cold Chain Industry in 20 Years Jointly Produced by OIG and the CFLP Was Officially Released

This report is jointly produced by OIG and the CFLP. Based on a large number of actual research data, this report analyzes the current situation of China's import and export cold chain food industry from multiple perspectives such as data analysis, policy interpretation and case study, focusing on five core contents: market pattern evolution, meat panoramic perspective, hot event analysis, challenges and opportunities and future development trend. The overall development trend and future development trend of China's import and export of cold chain food in the past 20 years were deeply and objectively summarized.

It provides readers with a relatively objective and comprehensive perspective, which can be used as a reference for managers, practitioners, scholars engaged in cold chain logistics, cold chain warehousing, international trade, domestic circulation, imported fresh food processing and other fields, as well as all those who care about the cold chain industry.

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