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MOU- OIG & Nepluvi

After two months of communication, on Oct. 21, Ethan, the CEO of OIG (Optima Integration Group) and Gert-Jan Oplaat, the president of Nepluvi (Dutch Poultry Association) signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Hepluvi is the representative of the poultry industry in the Netherlands, although hasn’t gained the access to Chinese market; OIG has been the top 1 supply chain company in imported frozen meat sector consecutively for 7 years, occupying 19% of imported meat and aquatic products in 2020. Marion (the representative of Nepluvi in China) and Kelly (the representative of OIG), who facilitated the cooperation, believe that the two sides can establish long-term and continuous cooperation in policy exchange, market information and mutual supportive partners.

Although OIG is a Chinese domestic supply chain enterprise, the global layout has always been our strategic goal. Cooperating with international influential industry associations to help them understand China's requirements for imported food, understand Chinese consumers' preferences, and introduce more high-quality and safe food has always been the long-term goal of OIG.

Founded in 1977, Nepluvi promotes the interests of the Dutch poultry processing industry in general and its members. Members are specialized in the production, manufacturing and processing of poultry meat, and trade in live and slaughtered poultry. As the representative of dutch poultry industry, Nepluvi hopes to bring out high-quality Dutch products to China. In this, OIG can help. In turn, Nepluvi helps OIG’s business layout in Europe.

And for China, the Netherlands is one of important suppliers of pork products, so we’re also looking forward to enjoy qualified Dutch poultry in the short future.