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Inaporc Expects Growth in French Pork Product Exports to China

French pork exports to China are expected to increase significantly following an official visit by the French government to the Asian country.

The interprofessional branch, Inaporc, has expressed optimistic expectations based on the agreements reached during the visit that aim to benefit the agri-food sector. Fifteen French processed meat manufacturers and slaughterhouses have received export permits, which is expected to increase exports by up to 10%.

Approved companies exported about 140,000 tonnes of pork generating a turnover of €326 million last year. Notably, China ranked first with a 17% share as a destination country for French pork exports. The country is essential for selling byproducts such as pork legs.

According to Inaporc, the recent agreements have opened the door to negotiations on exporting other byproducts such as offal, which could bring potential supply value of around €35 million.

Source: Eurocarne