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OIG Weekly Port News From May 8 - May 12

OIG+X shares Chinese ports' news weekly, the data is from our work staff from Chinese main ports. We hope this can be helpful during your clearance at Chinese ports.

One prominent thing this week is that for Brazilian beef, the imports are prohibited which produced on Feb 21 (including 21st) - Feb 23 (including 23rd) and shipped between Feb 23 (including 23rd) - Mar 22 (including 22nd).

It's the general rule of customs control of imported food that products during the period between the suspension and resumption can't be imported and declared at ports. It needs to kindly remind that this rule hasn't been broken on Covid-19 control, ASF, BSE, HPAI, etc in past years and also is believed not to be broken this time although the suspension takes short time.