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China’s Meat Import in Apr 2023

According to the latest data released by the GACC, the total volume of meat imports in Chinese Mainland in Apr has decreased, with a month on month decrease of about 60,000 tons to 590,000 tons compared with March.

On the whole, in the Apr of this year, Chinese Mainland's meat imports totaled 590,000 tons, with an increase of 0.2% year-on-year. Imports volume of pork, beef, mutton all showed varying degrees of decline in Apr. The meat import value in Apr decreased slightly to 2.16 billion US dollars, dropped 7.9% YoY.  

Note: The import data of poultry products is calculated by the official data release, including chilled and frozen chicken gizzards (5040021), frozen chicken paws (2071422) and other frozen chicken offal (2071429).

Data Source: GACC